VARIOUS ARTISTS: Twitch and Gloam: CD

Sep 19, 2013

The subheading for this release is “Dark sounds from the Pacific Northwest,” and that’s more than apt a description for what you get for your buck here. Twelve bands—Vice Device, //zoo, Baby Guns, Perpetual Ritual, Grave Babies, and others—hailing from Portland and points north bust out their synths, geetars, and other devices and lay down some infectious dark pop, gloomy new wave, morose skronk, and sundry related noise. These types of comps (as are most comps these days, come to think of it) are notoriously spotty, but this one maintains a high level of quality and consistency that will no doubt please both fans of the genre and those looking for something different from the noise to which they usually subject themselves.

 –jimmy (Flat Field,