VARIOUS ARTISTS: Tribute to Krupted Peasant Farmerz: CD

May 08, 2013

I was never a huge fan of KPF when they were around. Which is too bad, because I really missed out. Apart from a few comps or songs I heard on mix tapes, their stuff seemed pretty hard to find in the ‘90s, and while they’re referenced like crazy now, I’m just not sure how big of a deal they were when they were around. But they were undoubtedly a gritty, smart, melodic pop punk band from San Jose that a lot of later bands would, inadvertently or not, wind up emulating. That said, this is a tribute album. Tribute albums are frequently steeped in suckydom because, really, do we need to hear an album’s worth of covers, whether they’re faithful renditions or “wacky” ones? Still, with the original template at work here—sinewy, idea-heavy punk that’s steeped in melody—there doesn’t seem to be too many missteps. Including folks and bands as varied as Craigums, Rations, Useless ID, and Arthur Hazelwood. Nicely done, but still probably something that’s for completists.

 –keith (Lost Cat)