VARIOUS ARTISTS: Toronto City Omnibus: LP

Aug 13, 2009

Toronto is one of the hot scenes on the planet right now in punk rock. Here is a great sampler that shows why people are currently going gaga over the music coming out that region. First off are the Class Assassins, who play real catchy street punk that is equally tough and melodic. Their first 7” is on Soap and Spike Records and a full length is on TKO. Not sure if they put out anything else. Haymaker is another band that has put out a good amount of material. Angry-as-fuck punk that is not pretty to the ears. They even throw in a Reagan Youth cover for good measure. Legion 666 is equal parts black metal mixed with crust. The name alone evokes heaviness. Career Suicide is a fave at the Razorcake HQ. See the interview in issue 21. Pure old school punk purity. Riot 99 has put out a couple of CDs in the last few years and put their name on the map. You’ve probably heard the current punks on a pedestal, Fucked Up. Just like a scene report, this record has some heavy hitters. Scare Tactic, Murder Squad T.O. and the Blue Demons round this out. In a time when comps are usually really bad, it’s surprising to get one that is actually good.

 –don (Schizophrenic)

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