VARIOUS ARTISTS: Tomorrow Will Be Worse: CD

Aug 21, 2009

That seems to be the title of my life when I prepare each day to go to work. Besides my piss ant life, this is something I missed out on when it initially came out as a 4x7” box set. So much was said about this comp that I felt I should have gotten it. Rave reviews were everywhere. As in most cases, I didn’t react quickly and didn’t find a copy that was still in the box. A later pressing was available in vinyl but the boxes were gone. Damn fucking record collectors. I put it as one that got away. But luck struck my way for once. Not that the circumstances were ideal, but one of our reviewers was backing out. I was getting more thrash, hardcore and power-violence stuff! Sounds selfish doesn’t it? Oh well... I try to handle everything that is passed my way. I may not be the highest authority on this stuff but I do enjoy it. Knock me on my ass and blow me over with pure venom. For those not in the know, this a classic US and Japanese thrash fest on one CD. I want to list all the bands on this release to give you the massive collection compiled here. Representing the US are Capitalist Casualties, Hellnation, Spazz and Charles Bronson. Japan is destroyed by Flash Gordon, Nice View, Fuck on the Beach and Real Reggae. I’m partial to the Japanese bands because of heritage bias. But don’t get me wrong here, this is a must have comp to get if you are one who has callused ear drums and enjoys pure rage and speed. Power-violence may have passed as the in-thing, but you can not deny that you need a pure, under-a-minute hurricane blast of untamed punk rock. 44 songs in under 40 minutes. OCD patients take note.

 –don (Sound Pollution)

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