VARIOUS ARTISTS: To Live A Lie Sampler 2011: Cassette

It is currently 2012 and we are well into the fourth, fifth, and maybe even sixth waves of thrash, grindcore, and powerviolence. So many of the record labels that blazed the trail are sadly no longer with us: Slap A Ham is long gone. Sound Pollution called it a day a few years ago. 625 is not as active as it once was. To Live A Lie comes to the rescue and flexes their tuneless thrash muscle with this sampler featuring twenty-six tracks from as many bands, all representing the previously mentioned hardcore subcategories. But just like with any label and genre, some bands are destined to stand out more than others. On this cassette, the fist pumpers come from bands such as Sick/Tired, Shitstorm, XBrainiax, Sidetracked, Mehkago N.T., and Pretty Little Flower. Even some of the godfathers are represented, such as the legendary Capitalist Casualties and Asshole Parade. There are even some bands that exhibit unconventional (yet effective) approaches: Sissy Spacek and Suffering Luna, for example. The rest just don’t really stack up. I would get into exactly who and why, but I’ll spare myself the hate mail and just say that even though those bands didn’t do it for me, I still respect the fact that they are passionate about a style of music that is seen as tacky and tired to some of the hardcore elite and unlistenable to many others punks. After all, believe me or not, this music is also quite near and dear to me. Download code included as well as one of those “QR” code scan things for those of you who do everything but have sex with your phones.

 –Juan Espinosa (To Live A Lie,