VARIOUS ARTISTS: To Live a Lie Records Volume II: LP

Jul 27, 2014

Close to thirty tracks of some of the best current grind and powerviolence bands going right now. The track listing is a good mix of well-known bands of the genre (Weekend Nachos, Sick/Tired, etc.) and some relatively unknown bands that are good (and lucky?) enough to warrant inclusion on the disc. It’s definitely a good representation of the scene and serves well as a go-to educational piece for people trying to get a crash course in the scene, but for those of us that follow the grind/PV scene there are still plenty of good reasons to pick this thing up (last recording by Vaccine and the first vinyl appearance of Alabama’s Slave are worth the price alone). To Live A Lie are already at the top of extreme hardcore scene and this document is another welcome addition to their growing catalog of top-notch records. 

 –Ian Wise (To Live A Lie)