VARIOUS ARTISTS: This Is Peterborough Thrice: CD

Jul 21, 2011

A disc showcasing the local talent from the city of Peterborough in the U.K. Twenty-one tracks and the great majority of it is an icky mix of alternative radio, bland-ass indie rock, sappy acoustic numbers, and overproduced soulless pop punk. Three of the bands, Taconite, Dun2Def, and The Destructors, contributed some mediocre street punk that did not make my finger immediately itch for the track skip button. A band called the Castros offers up some snappy indie rock with ample English post punk vibes which was decent. The best of the bunch is the song “Decadence” by Five Go Mad In Europe, which does an enjoyable imitation of The Fall with deliciously offbeat meandering. But, on the whole, this is a very bad record.

 –Jake Shut (Rowdy Farrago)