VARIOUS ARTISTS: This is Bad Taste Vol. 5: CD

Aug 13, 2009

This label has sure changed though the years. They were more a hardcore / melodic punk label in the past. I guess their taste is changing or they are trying to widen the audience of their label. Well, here’s the breakdown of what is on this comp. Danko Jones: Dirty rock’n’roll with a ‘70s Detroit vibe. Four Square: Indie college rock in the vein of R.E.M. Logh: More college radio stuff that was kind of folk and emo. All Systems Go: Good, straight-up melodic punk that is every bit as good or better than All. Last Days of April: Songs that are too long, too slow and feel too much like I’m listening to the Verve. Satanic Surfers: The only band on this comp that sounds punk and has any hints of what I remember this label sounded like. Langhorns: Cool surf music. Hard-ons: They still sound the same to me after all these years. Overall, I was disappointed in the direction this label went.

 –don (Bad Taste)