VARIOUS ARTISTS: The World I Know-A Tribute To Pegboy: CD

Feb 15, 2007

I know some cynics out there in musicland sometimes think that tribute records shit ten foot bricks. Sometimes that is indeed true. But not with this twenty-four track whopper! Extensive liner notes that tell you everything you need to know about Pegboy, short of what type of cereal Larry eats for breakfast. All the songs are tight, even with many of the bands that I had never heard about at all. The Matics’ “Locomotivelung,” Vic Bondi’s “Method,” and Munition’s “Superstar.” Hard to mess up that last one since it’s one of the greatest punk songs ever written. Anyone who wants to dispute this statement can send me a rebuttal (under five-hundred words of course) via U.S. Mail. I’ll get it someday. Great CD, great package from an up and coming label. Now where is the Naked Raygun tribute CD?

 –koepenick (Underground Communiqué)