VARIOUS ARTISTS: The United States of American Oi! Volume 2: CD

Jul 16, 2009

I personally do not purchase that much oi. I guess that I believe that scene was primarily based out of the UK during the early ‘80s. Or Europe in general. The term came from there and grew amongst their own network. Also the environment and economics of the society at the time period fueled it even further. It just sounds funny that bands in the US are considered oi. But I do get stuff for review and never shy away from it. Well, GMM has put out a scorcher of a release. Not a bad track in the bunch. Bands like Niblick Hedbane, Oxblood, Anti Heros, Headwound and the Templars, to name a few, who contribute tracks of boot stomping, rocking fun. Time to shine the boots, cut the hair off, dry clean the flight jacket, press the white T and strap on the suspenders for a night of fun.

 –don (GMM)