VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Underground Vol. 1: CD

Another compilation here showcasing bands hovering on the sleazier sounding side of L.A.’s punk underbelly, featuring tracks by Symbol Six, Black Monday, White Flag Down, Los Creepers, The Scarred, Dirty Filthy Mugs, The UVs, Del Rottens, Skin Flick, Lightning Woodcock, Piss Broke Rebels, Dirty Eyes, Milestone, the Livingstons, and Million Kids. On the whole, the tracks stay firmly rooted in that gray area between gritty street rock/punk and the more melodic wing of the whole oi thing, but they all do what they do quite well and there is enough diversity between bands to keep it from sounding like one big mush of swagger and raspy vocals. Nice representation of what’s going on in this corner of the city’s underground.

 –jimmy (Suicide King)