VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Ugly Truth About Blackpool Vol. 1: CD

Nov 10, 2008

An overview of Blackpool’s (the English town) punk rock output from 1977 to the present. Most of it’s good, and some bands, like The Membranes, One Way System, and the always politically correct and ethnically sensitive Skrewdriver (I’m being totally sarcastic so don’t get your underwear all in a bunch), have had some significant impact on the greater punk community. Others that can be found on here include Zyklon B, Uncle Fester, The Genocides, The Fits, Male Models, and oodles more. Seeing as most comps pretty much blow these days, it’s nice to hear one that is consistently above par. Those not wanting to support racist jerkoffs can rest comfortable in the fact that the tune that bears the very dumb, very dead Ian Stuart’s vocals, “Anti-Social,” is from the original Skrewdriver lineup, the remaining members of which swear didn’t have any of Ian’s later fascist leanings.

 –jimmy (JSNTGM, no address)