VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Ties That Bind: 7”+ Cassette

Mar 29, 2011

On the No Breaks website, this is listed as “CD/tape,” so I don’t know if the tunes on the 7” represent what are to be found on the CD. That said, The Ties That Bind consists of four bands (Giant Bags Of Weed, Que’ Mart?, Wrister, and Rock Paper Stupid) with “musical interludes” by Peter Stubb. For the most part, the thirty-plus tunes are satisfying blasts of punk/hardcore, but the sheer volume caused the songs to blend together in my mind. As a result, few were truly memorable. At five dollars this is one helluva deal in term of quantity, and the quality is there to be sure, but it gets lost in the enormity of the quantity. Regardless, I’m sure not sorry for having heard this.

 –Eric Carlson (No Breaks)