VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Thing that Ate Larry Livermore: LP

A sort of throwback to when there were compilations for the hell of it, instead of just trying to sell more records. Specifically, to the old Bay Area/Lookout Records compilations, even more specifically The Thing that Ate Floyd. This time around it’s much more pop punk focused (not entirely, but predominantly), and focuses on a bigger picture, geographically speaking. I was actually already familiar with a good chunk of these bands already, (like Dear Landlord, The Copyrights, and The Hextalls) but there were a few surprises (like Lipstick Homicide). Either way, it’s all new material so it’s still enjoyable. As easy as it is to find new bands by screwing around on the internet, it’s nice to see effort put into a comp like this.

 –joe (Adeline)