VARIOUS ARTISTS: The South Will Rise Again: EP

I admit it. I only picked this up because there’s a Cult Ritual song on here. And to be perfectly honest, their submission was not at all this record’s brightest spot, though their name is certainly the most recognizable. The focus of this comp seems to be bands from Southern regions of the United States including Virginia, Texas, and Florida (Florida being, of course, the nation’s wang.) Ugly Law, High Life, Bomber, The PMRC, Archaic, Reason Of Insanity, and HRT are all bands who would have, if not for this record, remained unknown to me. Socialcide, Logic Problem, and the aforementioned Cult Ritual could be considered the bigger names, if you want to look at it that way. The styles differ from straight-up 1,000 MPH hardcore to stomping, Bl’ast!-influenced jams. Ugly Law definitely have the best song on here while the PMRC has the song with the best title: “Madonna Death Cult.” Pick this up if you’re aching to know what’s going on along the GulfCoast and beyond.

 –Juan Espinosa (Cowabunga)