VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Singles Second Strike: CD

May 27, 2009

The first three songs on this come off the out-of-print, rare Rip Offs single Go Away, and the second two songs come off the out-of-print, rare Motards seven inch Kings of Blues. So, in my little world, it should go without saying that this album is worth it for those five songs alone. Since everyone doesn’t live in my little world, I’ll explain. The Motards may have been the greatest trashy, garage rock band ever. I’m not exaggerating. They were awesome. They broke up over five years ago, and I’m still crying about it. I’ve listened to their two albums (Rock Kids and Saturday Night Special) hundreds – maybe thousands – of times, so I was stoked to see that their rare (and extremely expensive, thanks to collector fucks) seven inch was re-released on this comp. Just to make the comp even sweeter, there are five more bands that fly through that same fuzzy rock’n’roll stratosphere: the amazing Loli and the Chones, the Rip Offs, Registrators, Stipjes, and Problematics. All and all, it’s a pretty solid disc. And, though this may be obvious, the Motards rule.

 –sean (Rip-Off)