VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Right to Assemble, Vol. Two: LP

Oct 23, 2008

While I’ve got a hard time calling The Ergs! or The Measure [SA] hardcore bands—this one’s got the “hardcore” subtitle plastered all over the sleeve—I’ll admit that as far as regional comps go, it’s not a half bad piece of work. Actually, it’s falling pretty decently within the spectrum of “damn good.” Focusing on the New Brunswick, New Jersey scene, you get tracks from long-running bands like Ensign and Fanshen, as well as younger groups like the Flash Attacks and Static Radio NJ. Other standouts are The Degenerics, Seasick, and Killin It. The quality’s generally pretty consistent throughout, which seems to be a rarity for comps based off of locale, and with over twenty bands featured, that’s a feat within itself. Again, regional comps—despite whether the bands themselves suck or not—are pretty much the textbook example of a labor of love and the very definition of “supporting your scene.” This is true for both the label and the person buying the record. So when you get something like The Right to Assemble, with its snazzy transparent vinyl, thick booklet, a download card that features mp3s of all the songs here, as well as unreleased tracks and the songs from the first volume, the care becomes even more apparent and visible. Damn nice work all around. 

 –keith (Soul Rebel)

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