VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Philadelphia Sound: CDEP

Jul 21, 2009

From the town that brought us spreadable cheese and a cracked bell, ring out four excellent melodic hardcore bands. Due to the fact that the tracks for each band aren't in clumps, but round robin, it's safe to say they're mining similar territory (loud, fast, catchy, crunchy), but what a great place to lay claim. Pretend you were a kid that didn't let go of a firecracker and it blew off your fingers. The musical equivalent to that would be Kid Dynamite (RIP), from whence these bands were musically or truly spawned. I can't pick a favorite. Paint It Black, imagine if you will, distill Minor Threat down further, to great effect. It's almost like fuck you haiku. The Curse has a bit of delay on the vocals. They're what the last Dag Nasty aerosol cheese of a record prayed it could measure up to. Go! For The Throat have a rollickin' east/west feel, where it their songs are wrecking balls, but they're sweet like a lollipop. Knives Out remind me of my favorite songs in Sick Of It All's soundbook – a couple of buzzsaws and a shouter. Eight songs, just over ten minutes. Philly's kung fu is tight.

 –todd (Chunksaah)