VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Matchheads Present: CD

Jul 13, 2006

Between these two discs, you get what I assume is a nice overview of a short-lived, obscure Bay Area punk band and a few of its offshoots. While Backtracks presents a band more rooted in rock a little too off-center for the mainstream, the tracks on Present show a whole different tack altogether. On the latter, The Matchheads show a flair for KBD-styled punk, which would explain why a couple of their tunes here were featured on one of them comps, and the bands that followed in their wake essentially followed the same path up until 1985. On the whole, I don’t find anything particularly noteworthy about them, but in this day and age when idiots with too much disposable income are plopping down tens of thousands of dollars to have an original pressing of Sid Vicious farting on vinyl, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if someone found this essential.

 –jimmy (

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