VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Kamikaze Broadcast, Vol. 2: CD

Mar 14, 2007

I love comps. At their worst, they provide that kind of non-linear background noise needed to get some work done. At their best, they flow seamlessly and serve as an introduction to rad new bands. I don’t know if No Front Teeth has just caught me in a particularly good mood, but I dug the shit out of this thing, for the most part. Never falling far from the “snot-nosed and cynical” ‘77 punk tree, the majority of the thirty bands on here are laying down some fine, fine dirt. There are a few clunkers that are just a little too dumb or plodding for me to get wrapped up in, but, generally, we’re talking about a gorgeous and long-running thread of venomous, catchy, and melodic punk songs. Standouts include The Resistors, Angel City Outcasts, Rejected Youth, and Shock Nagasaki. No way I’m gonna run through all thirty bands, but if you’re into bands on the No Front Teeth, Full Breach Kicks, and I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison rosters, you’ll dig it.

 –keith (No Front Teeth)