VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Hostage Situation: CD

May 14, 2001

An absolutely amazing comp of what's been happening on Southern California's beaches the past few years. Included are tracks from Smogtown, The Bleeders, The Numbers, Smut Peddlers, Bonecrusher, The Negatives, The Spooky, The Crowd, The Bodies, Instagon, Discontent, The Fakes, The Pushers, Curb, and The Decline, all of which are previously unreleased and all of which are crucial. Even bands that did little for me before clock in here with some amazing tracks. Fuck, there's even quality readin' material on the inside that has nothin' to do with how to contact the band. When's the last time anyone had the courtesy to provide you with something worthwhile to read with a comp?!? Rick Bain has outdone hisself with this puppy. Look at me, I'm gushing over a fucking punk comp. I haven't done that since I bought my first "Rodney" comp back in 81! Mark my words: this disc will go down in the annals of punk rock history as one of the most important musical documents of a scene ever released, right next to "Flex Your Head," "This is Boston, Not L.A.," "Not So Quiet on the Western Front," "Beach Blvd." and "Lawrence Welk Presents: the Sound of Andorra." Trust me, you NEED this.

 –jimmy (Hostage, PO Box 7736, Huntington Beach, CA 92615)