VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Ecstasy of the Agony: CD

Nov 24, 2009

This crampacked conglomerate of a compilation offers a whopping wallop of widely varying audial diversity. It seethes, simmers, boils, and conflagrantly rages with an awe-inspiring abundance of frenzied emotings of sound: psycho electronic emissions (The Causey Way, Jad Fair & Jason Willet); scathing social/political spoken word diatribes (Noam Chomsky, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Angela Davis, Jello Biafra, Howard Zinn); roaring rock'n'roll robustness (Black Kali Ma, Los Infernos, Queen Bee); abrasive noise nefariousness (Amebix, Ratos De Porao, Pachinko); clanging-clamoring musical originality (NoMeansNo, Creeps On Candy, Victim's Family, Half Japanese, Lard, Dead & Gone, Iowaska); vastly assorted inflections of sonic Americana (Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Wesley Willis); and, of course, skull-pummelling punkrock raucousness (Fartz, Pitchshifter, The Dicks, SNFU, The No WTO Combo, Free Beer, BGK, False Prophets). This is definitely unequivocally well worth the bargain price of $5.99 for over 75 minutes of ear-pleasing mayhem! My unsolicited advice for you all: open your ears and expand your minds with the revolutionary aural rumblings of Alternative Tentacles' diversely colorful and wide-ranging roster of recording artists...

 –guest (Alternative Tentacles)