VARIOUS ARTISTS: The East Coast of Oi!: CD

Mar 04, 2001

This features, among others, the Wretched Ones, Outsiders, Sniper, Cuffs, Terminus City, Ducky Boys, Heidnik Stew, Squiggy and Disorderly Conduct. The featured songs are about how great the East Coast is, beating up the homeless, being a veteran sucks, lying politicians, fighting, drunken memories, dead heroes, shitty landlords, fighting, drinking, killing punk rock traitors, life sucks, assassins, memories and tattoos, and fighting, respectively. Most of the music is bland, uneventful, 12th rate street punk that fails to reach the heights of even the shittiest song the Cockney Rejects, Iron Cross, 4-Skins, Oppressed or Blitz were ever able to muster. To put it another way, this stuff is the bald boy equivalent of "third wave" ska, "Hairspray" metal and "Victory" hardcore, no style and no substance.

 –jimmy (Radical, 77 Bleecker Street #C2-21, New York, NY 10012)

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