VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Dicks from Texas and Friends: CD

Apr 29, 2016

Like most compilations, tribute records are dicey, and I’d venture to say even more so because the music of the original artist is often long ago ingrained in the psyches of so many fans. Most comps. likely end up in assorted landfills, to be found centuries later by intrepid diggers who will take one listen and not look fondly on this civilization. This here is an exception. A ton of different folks paying their respects to one to Texas’ finest bands, some you likely know, some you don’t—Brian Winterman, The Bulemics, The Surlys, Cunto!, Brewtality Incorporated, Black Irish Texas, The Beaumonts, Pocket Fishermen, The Gay Sportscasters, Poor Dumb Bastards, The Dickins, New Mystery Girl, El Pathos, Black Eyed Vermillion, The Fuckemos, The Flash Boys, Churchwood, Jesus Christ Superfly, The Jesus Lizard, Doug Hilsinger, Texas Terri & The Stiff Ones, The Offenders, Mike Watt & The Secondmen, Scorpio Rising, The Punkaroos, Pretty Mouth, and Garish—and many take the time and trouble to serve up their own interpretations rather than play it by the numbers. The further they stray from the originals, the better the results. Sure, there are some less than stellar entries (and no, I’m not gonna point ‘em out, you damned troublemakers), but even those never despoil their own reputations or the Dicks. Nice to see that, like the tributees, this comp is a cut above the rest. 

 –Jimmy Alvarado (The Dicks From Texas,