VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Black Garfield Comp: CD

Jan 24, 2008

Four bands: Part Man Part Horse, The Old Timerz, Coconut Cool Outs, Unnatural Helpers, all of which I’ve never heard of. No track listing, so I have no idea who’s doing what. Those tracks that have that spastic dance feel of the Trashies or the Sneaky Pinks are awesome. Those few songs with the dude who sings like he’s got a healthy stash of Lifter Puller and Hold Steady records on his shelf are pretty great. The rest of it varies from ignorably annoying to full-on shit-tastic. Lots of weird dick joke humor going on in there inside this sweet three-color hand screened cover, which was a little off-putting, even though I love me a good dick joke.

 –megan (Haunted Horse)