VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Big Itch Club: 7”

Jun 14, 2014

I’ve always liked the comp 7”. It’s nice and communal, especially with rising vinyl prices. But they continue to be a hard sell. The #1’s have two songs on this one: they remind me a bit of The Barbaras. The second song, “Tell Me Why,” is a nice sentimental romp about ambiguity inherent in the word “girlfriend.” The September Girls entry is a jump-beat sing-along with echo-laden guitars. Faux Kings play straightforward, 1-4 punk’n’roll with oooo’s, echo vocals, and raspy guitars with a Chuck Berry-type solo thrown in. The romance with a comp 7” is that all the bands get along and play together. I hope that’s the case here. 

 –Billups Allen (Bachelor)