VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Bastards Can’t Dance: A Tribute to Leatherface: CD

Oct 23, 2007

As a member of the USFC, it’s no secret that I love Leatherface. Broken heart? Things not right in the world? Completely happy and surrounded by friends? Leatherface is the perfect soundtrack to it all. Then you add Snuffy Smile to the mix. Yoichi is putting out some of the best stuff in the world right now, let alone Japan. With that said, I’m not fully excited about this. There are some great tracks on there (Spraypaint and The Because definitely surprised me), and I’m always happy to hear more from I Excuse. It isn’t as strong in the middle, and, in the end, I’d rather either listen to each band’s own stuff or to Leatherface.

 –megan (Snuffy Smile)