VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Bang! Bang! Recording Organization: 6 Mighty Shots: CD

Sep 25, 2007

What I wanna know is, how does a one man band play keyboards, drums, guitar, harmonica and sing at the same time? ‘Cause it seems like one would have his OMB status revoked if he couldn’t replicate live the sounds he gets in the studio, recording the instruments individually. Luckily, for King Automatica, he gets a pass because his song on this comp starts off with a dirty synth riff that, to paraphrase the Dude, really ties the tune together. Not to be outdone, Thundercrack kicks off “This Town Belongs to Me” with a monster slide guitar riff that slithers up next to you and sinks its deliciously poisonous fangs into your jugular. As scuzzily perfect as these songs are, the winner of this bunch of bruised and bizarre tunes is “L’Aveugle au Pistolet” by Monsieur Verdun. Imagine Tiny Tim and King Louie dropping acid, stripping naked, and deciding to play a banjo upside down while a fingerless stranger bangs in time on the highest keys of a piano. Impossibly, it’s even cooler than you think. The CD is rounded out with songs by Rich Deluxe, Hot Nuts, and Bang Bang Organization.

 –benke (Bang Bang)