VARIOUS ARTISTS: Tales from the Asphalt Dancefloor: 12” EP

Jul 13, 2006

I remember in high school (late ‘80s) that if you wanted any advancement with a young lady, chances are you’d have to swallow Guns’n’Roses, Paula Abdul, Information Society—or, best case, if you were so lucky—The Cure, Marc Almond, Depeche Mode, or the Smiths. This comp. sounds like an updated version of the latter with more guitars: sorta-new wave, spooky, often drum-machined “I like Sisters of Mercy and Front 242” stuff. No surprise, I enjoyed the broke, tension-filled tracks (Destruction Unit, Digital Leather) over the robots of the post apocalypse with tons of effects pedals stuff (The Cutters, Sex For Cigarettes). Six songs, 12” vinyl EP picture disk.

 –todd (Vodka Tonic)