VARIOUS ARTISTS: Taking out a Little Agression—A Tribute: CD

Jan 07, 2008

Anyone thinking about releasing a tribute CD should be required to listen to Taking out a Little Agression. Agression was a hardcore, skate punk band from Oxnard, California, who, along with Ill Repute, Shattered Faith, and Battalion of Saints, helped create the Nardcore punk scene in Southern California. Two of Agression’s members, Henry Knowles and Mark Hickey, died in 2000 and 2002, respectively. These songs were recorded over three years by friends of the band and compiled for this CD as a tribute to Knowles and Hickey, and a benefit for those they left behind. JFA, D.I., MDC, Channel 3, and Oppressed Logic all contribute fantastic versions of Agression songs and the resulting compilation is truly amazing. These guys took what must have been an incredibly difficult time in their lives—the loss of two friends—and turned it into something beautiful. Huge thanks to Dave Haro, JellyRoll, and Dr. Strange Records for putting this out.

 –benke (Dr. Strange)