VARIOUS ARTISTS: Swami Sound System Vol. 1:2003 Sales Report: CD

Aug 13, 2009

It’s known in these parts that Swami’s got the impeccable and far-ranging taste, and you can get in on it. The treats range from the rockin’ party soul of the Sultans and Beehive & the Barracudas, to the hyper garage antics of the Husbands and Dan Sartain, to the ACTUAL 1977 punk of the Testors and Testor Sonny Vincent’s recent punk slop, and beyond. Highlights are an unreleased Rocket from the Crypt ditty, the circa-’84-old-school punk of San Diego youngsters Mannequin Piss, weird minimal lounge goofs the White Apes, and, holy of holies, Loincloth, ex-Breadwinner and current Confessor members waving the banner of pure and true metal with no fruity singing nor showoff solos – it’s like freebase metal! Truly something for everyone.

 –doug (Swami)