VARIOUS ARTISTS: Supersonic Sounds from the Fuck You Movement: CD

Aug 10, 2009

Someone tell me! Why can’t the established underground labels cobble together a compilation this varied and high caliber while some kid in his shit-town bedroom can? From the Charm City Suicides’ over-the-top version of Reagan Youth’s “Go Nowhere,” to the excruciating noise of Crank Sturgeon, Irreversible Nerve Damage and (MITB completists take note) Bastard Noise, to the fat grind/hammer damage of Suppression and Pus del Recto, and back to the fleshy and raucous punk rock of Kojak, ain’t a bad pickle in the barrel. And to ice this pickle cake, you’re treated to prank phone calls between tracks! Some of them are pretty funny, too. You have eight dollars, right?

 –doug ($8 ppd; C.N.P.)