VARIOUS ARTISTS: Summer Sounds: Four Reasons for the Season Vol. 1: CD

Sep 27, 2006

Ack! I doth grow tired of generic pop punk bands, even those who attempt to pay homage to The King (Brian Wilson) by writing songs about hanging out at the beach. The Blurbs, The Prozacs, Regal Beagle, and The Lebowskis all sound like they’ve been trapped in a closet with the Queer’s Move Back Home. Regal Beagle’s singer has even perfected his vocal stylings to be virtually indistinguishable from Joe King in your local sing-off! Anyway, not only is Move Back Home a sub-par Queers album, any band that tries to sound like the Queers ends up sounding like crap. Somehow Joe King himself has, more or less, avoided this fate. How he did it ranks up there with the Shroud of Turin and the sexual orientation of Darby Crash in the list of Greatest Mysteries of All Time! If this were a cereal, it’d be regular Cheerios. It all sounds the same!

 –maddy (Cabana 1)

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