VARIOUS ARTISTS: Stripped Down, Fueled Up!: CD

Jul 01, 2003

Electric Frankenstein! Jed Whitey! The Puppies! Ironboss! Remember their names, you'll be screaming (for) them (to stop) all night long!!! Yawn-Rock extravaganza. BEST SONG: Electric Frankenstein, "Who's Watching You" BEST SONG TITLE: Jed Whitey, "Hands Up If You Think I'm Cool" FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Metal Matt Crocco of Ironboss is credited with playing "stun guitar," the first such specialized position player since Gregg Turner of the Angry Samoans (he also is depicted wearing a UFO t-shirt, which was a less-than-encouraging sign when it started happening on Cockney Rejects albums). Also, Jed Whitey thanks no fuckers except Ray & Al.

 –norb (Out Of The Loop)