VARIOUS ARTISTS: Streetpunk & Disorderly 2009 / Longshot Promo EP #2: 2x 7″

You wouldn’t know that streetpunk and oi are in trouble given the release of this killer double comp of eight of the world’s finest mainline specimens: Alternate Action, Marching Orders, Harrington Saints, Secret Army, Bad Co. Project, Tower Blocks, Klasse Kriminale, and The Analogs. It’s a solid mix of new and more experienced bands, with the only disappointing track coming from Italy’s usually unbeatable Klasse Kriminale. Both records are on marbled vinyl, giving a nice fancy touch to a typically barebones subgenre. These were given away at the 2009 Punk & Disorderly festival in Berlin. I wasn’t there, but Australia’s Marching Orders blew me away when I saw them at the 2008 East Coast of Oi festival in Allentown, Pennsylvania before the show erupted into a mini-riot after Oxblood performed. But I digress.

 –Art Ettinger (Joe Pogo/Longshot)