Jul 25, 2007

I like the intent behind this comp—the guy putting it out writes that while it’s great to hold onto the tenets and sounds of yesteryear, there’s still so many active bands out nowadays that are just as good; that some of us should possibly stop living quite so much in the past and recognize that there are plenty of current bands to embrace. Nice concept, and while the majority of the bands presented are from the States, there’s also contributions from South Korea, the Netherlands, Australia, Sweden, Portugal, South Africa, Nova Scotia and more. Comps are pretty hard to do well—there’s such a risk of dips in quality, whether it’s from sound/mastering issues or just having a few too many clunker bands in a row. This one, especially for having thirty-six different groups on it from all over the planet, seems to be mastered really evenly and there’s actually not a cringe-worthy band on here. I mean, not all of them are jaw-droppers, but if you’re into old school-styled hardcore there’s not an openly embarrassing track on it. I guess it’s my own fault that I inevitably compare almost all current hardcore bands to Cut The Shit, Paint It Black or Strike Anywhere—probably because those are ones that still get pretty heavy rotation at my house. If you’re into any of those groups or still get the urge to floorpunch in your living room to Gorilla Biscuits or Youth Of Today, then you’ll find plenty to like here. Standouts for this reviewer were Years From Now, Van Damage, Bullet Treatment, Ambitions and Crossing Point.

 –keith (Get Outta Town)

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