Mar 26, 2012

The soundtrack to the documentary of the same name, this album features Spokane, WA punk bands of the ‘70s/’80s whose stories are documented in the film. The bands featured run the gamut of what can be defined as punk, and there’s an eclecticism here that I really enjoyed. The bands that particularly caught my ear include Sweet Madness, TFL, Vampire Lezbos, and Social Bondage. Sweet Madness, the earliest band featured, have a very Clash vibe to them with their catchy tune “I Need Electricity.” TFL play angry hardcore punk that would have been at home in any of the larger punk scenes. There were several bands with a new wave vibe, and of these, Social Bondage was the most standout band. Politico-punks Vampire Lezbos were fast and angry, like TFL but with more rock’n’roll vibe. This soundtrack does an excellent job of documenting an overlooked scene, one of many that quietly helped shape punk as we know it. Recommended.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Flat Field,

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