VARIOUS ARTISTS: Speed Kills…But Who’s Dying?: CD

Sep 23, 2011

Three bands here repping a nice spread across the hardcore spectrum with five songs each. On one end you have Sheisse Minnelli (a play on “Liza Minnelli,” with the first word in their name translating to “shit”), who are more or less a straightforward hardcore band. They keep the tempos ratcheted up, with some interesting chord and tempo changes, and liberal doses of humor and intelligence in the lyrics. On the other end you have The Shining who, while also keeping things quite zippy, go with a more “metalcore” (as we would’ve said in the mid-’80s) sound, with muffled chugga-chugga guitar strumming and screamed vocals. Between the two we have the belles of the ball here, Verbal Abuse, turning in work more along the thrashy lines of Just an American Band than Rocks Your Liver. No surprise, this considering Nikki Sikki is back manning the mic, and as an added bonus they even serve up a ramped up cover of Sick Pleasure’s (is it a “cover” if the singer sang for that band as well?) “Three Seconds of Pleasure.” While the new Verbal Abuse stuff is hands-down the reason to pick this up, and it’s fuggin’ aces to hear they’re back in such fine form, all three bands turn in admirable work, making this definitely worth the search.

 –jimmy (Just 4 Fun,

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