VARIOUS ARTISTS: Songs for the Jetset 2000: CD

May 14, 2001

This CD is fabulous. Imagine yourself sitting in one of those wobbly, double-cubbied, black science desks with the bunsen burner hookup in the middle of it, back in the seventh grade, watching a cheezy mid-'70s educational video about wind or the movement of human muscles. While watching neon outlines of someone doing a cartwheel, an x-ray of someone chewing and swallowing, or a girl with a blonde feather hairdo blowing the seeds off a dandelion in the sunshine, this music is playing. It's kind of an April March meets Air sort of thing, with maybe a few Atari game ditties thrown in for fun. Exciting in an early episode of Sesame Street kind of way. This CD makes me want to eat cereal, and that's a good thing.

 –Harmonee (Jetset, 67 Vestry St., NY, NY 10013)