VARIOUS ARTISTS: Something to Dü: 7” EP

Nov 19, 2014

Full disclosure: Hüsker Dü is one of those “this is about as close to being religious as I’m gonna get”-type of bands for me. I fuggin’ adore ’em in ways previously reserved solely for tacos. With that said, this should be tailor-made for a schmuck like me, but I reckon picking this up for review was probably a mistake. On first spin, I flew into a tizzy, howling and ranting at perplexed strangers on the unforgiving streets of Alhambra about the profanities and sacrilegious cacophony contained within this record’s grooves. When I’d calmed down four days later, I decided it might be best to sit on it and revisit it again in a couple of weeks. I’m a bit more clear-headed now and… I still don’t like it much. No, it’s not about the profaning of some choice tunes by a revered band, and some of the bands responsible—Unfun, Tenement, Crow Bait, Bent Outta Shape, Dauntless Elite, and Your Pest Band—are not known for putting out utter crap. No, it’s more about execution. The first two tracks, easily the strongest overall, are completely blown out production-wise, while the remainder suffer from lackluster performance, flat vocals, or a combination of both. I cannot stress enough how much I really wanted to dig this, and by the look of the packaging alone I’ve no doubt whatsoever that all involved had nothing but the best of intentions, but I just ain’t feelin’ it. For the inevitable collector-geeks, this is a one-time pressing of eight hundred copies on various colored vinyl, and four alternate covers. 

 –jimmy (Dead Broke)