VARIOUS ARTISTS: Socially Transparent Disease: CD

Sep 10, 2009

Wow! The inside cover of this CD comp has a hot, topless female drummer on it! She appears to be a member of Johnny Motel & The Fast Fucks. I’ll have to go check out that band. Oh… I guess you want to know about the music on this CD. Okay. This compilation has a good, raw rock’n’roll feel to it ranging from garage type rock to street punk rock’n’roll. Very good to play loud and get you going in the morning. There are 12 bands you get to test drive on this CD. They include The Dirtys, The Geriatrix, The Hybrid Mutants, Plan III, Beefcake in Chains, The New Jacobin Club and The Nihilists. There are some definite stand outs on here. The GC5 have three cool cuts on here from some of their 7 inches. If you haven’t heard them, check out their full length, Kisses From Hanoi. Great punk’n’roll. The Bump-N-Uglies have my favorite cut called “Fat, Loud and Drunk.” “I’m drunk and loud/ I can’t be tamed/cause I’m fat and proud/ I show no shame.” Nothing intellectually stimulating here, but I can relate well. The Hard Liquors combine really mean-ass female and male vocals to blow your eardrums out while the only real downer on this comp is The Accused cover of “Paint It Black.” Do we really need another one of those? I’ll die happy if I never hear that song again. Also, the aforementioned band, Johnny Motel & The Fast Fucks, have a pretty good garage band track on here. Nevertheless, I will still go see them live the first chance I get. Did I mention there was a topless female drummer inside the cover?

 –toby (Transparent)