VARIOUS ARTISTS: Skins & Pins Volume II: CD

A sampler for GMM Records featuring all their bald, inked cash cows and a few older heifers they’ve apparently taken to milking, including Agnostic Front, who do a spot on cover of SLF’s “Nobody’s Hero” that is marred by Roger’s attempts at actually singing. Yeah, most of the stuff here pretty much blows and the three bands I liked going in are the same three I left liking, but those three songs are pretty damned good. For the curious, I’m talking about Condemned 84’s “Face the Aggression,” which I believe is off their first album, the Templars track and Iron Cross’ “You’re a Rebel,” which originally appeared on their Hated and Proud EP and has apparently been included by GMM on an anthology of the band. While I may not like most of the bands on GMM’s roster, I do have to give props to a label that has the common sense to release anything by Iron Cross.

 –jimmy (GMM)