VARIOUS ARTISTS: Six Steps to a Better You: Cd

Dec 01, 2009

I have grown to hate modern day comps lately. They just seem to be slapped together like a cheap sandwich. A few do come along that I think have what I’m looking for. First, it has to have a band or two that I recognize. Second, I hope it has new songs by the band that I recognize. Third, I hope I get introduced to a new band. So I can say that this comp meets some of my criteria. It has the crazy Japanese freakboys Peelander Z. But those tracks are excerpts from their P-Bone Steak CD. The lovely ladies and dude who are the Lipstick Pickups contribute one unreleased song and the tracks that were on the great split 7” with the Bikini Bumps. Here’s what I got for new. Nazi from Mars played a updated brand of electronic new wave that made me want to be Dieter. Bobot Adrenaline did nothing for me. They might do something for you if you like pop rock with some punk. Zero Content did less for me. A barrage of samples from a couple of people who have too much time on their hands and a good knowledge of Pro Tools or a similar program. The (No) Apologies Project sounds exactly like their band name implies, a project. It sounds like, “Hey let’s get together and jam! We’ll record what comes out of it!.” Half I liked and half I didn’t. Not bad for what I have listened to lately.

 –don (Geykido Comet)