VARIOUS ARTISTS: Six Steps to A Better You: CD

Dec 01, 2009

Nazis From Mars: A punk band from the Netherlands who use a drum machine instead of an actual drummer. Very minimalist in approach, some new wave trappings here and there, but they are a hoot to listen to and “Don’t Do It” should be a radio hit. Peelander-Z: Self-described “Japanese kung fu action punk” and I really don’t think I can come up with a more apt description, other than that they are one good band. Lipstick Pickups: Trashy punk rock with nasal female vocals. I hear a smidge of Dangerhouse buried in there somewhere. Bobot Adrenaline: While I can appreciate the diversity of influences and creative spark inherent in their tunes, their brand of anthemic, poppy punk failed to move me much. Not a bad band by any stretch, it just boils down to a difference in taste. Zero Content: Four short soundscapes with someone yelling on top. The (No) Apologies Project: Arty, jazzy no wave-type stuff. Overall assessment: Even though I wasn’t enthused by every band on this comp, I really appreciated the diversity of bands presented and, in turn, their individual attempts to come up with something a little different from what is passed off as punk these days.

 –jimmy (Geykido Comet)