Aug 21, 2008

Dude, if pressed, I probably can’t remember what I ate three days ago for lunch, so bands going back to 1982 for musical inspiration don’t bother me too much. (Okay, and maybe they weren’t alive in 1982, and that’s shitty to harsh on people over something they had no control over, like when two people fucked and a lady got pregnant.) Oh, with two caveats. That the bands themselves don’t suffer from “Back in the day”-itis, and that they sound like they’re having a good time for themselves. Let’s check the pudding. Bands unhappy with current political policies? Check. Picture of a gasmask? Check. Someone getting shot? Check? Birthing shot (Technically a crowning.)? Check. Hardcore that veers into thrash? Check. Fifteen songs on a 7”? Check. An actual band or two from the early ‘80s? Ribzy? Check. Coke Bust, Valoids, and Broken Needle were my favorites, and noticeable mention to Doghart Trio for being the folk Flipper (band, not TV dolphin) of the bunch. Nice.

 –todd (Stress Domain,

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