VARIOUS ARTISTS: Sick City: EP 1: 7”

May 08, 2013

The L.A. record store specializing in vintage T-shirts and the latest and greatest releases from local bands has dropped their first comp. This tight little package of four bands with a track a piece consists of lo-fi garage surf. First up, The Ugly Kids, who throw their temper tantrum “Nobody Likes Me.” The three piece scream the title and alternate it with “nobody likes you!” ad infinitum. Fans of The Shrills ought to gravitate to the similar vocal theatrics and stage-diving energy. “Nervous Breakdown” is Death Hymn #9’s post-mortem offering. Also on Alternative Tentacles, these guys out of Louisiana in full zombie regalia of black eyes and musty, tattered clothes lean into a nasty, thrashy ear bomb. The flip side launches into Cigarette Bums, whom you may have caught in Long Beach in 2011 or recently at Burger Records. They hand over “Destruction (Is How I Function)” off their debut, Holy Smokes! Without a hint of parody or camp, these guys do classic garage so well, you might think you were hearing a resurrected track from the ‘60s. The Flytraps, a L.A. female quartet, close it out with “I Wanna Party,” a straight forward, weekend warrior anthem equipped with handclaps and high-pitched, high school girl yowls. If you dig garage with all its nuances, you oughta pick this up. Recommended

 –Kristen K (Sick City)