VARIOUS ARTISTS: Shielded by Death Volume Three: CD

Apr 13, 2008

One good thing to come outta the whole “Killed By Death” phenomenon that even the bands that weren’t too thrilled to find they’d been bootlegged hafta admit, some pretty interesting, otherwise obscure as hell tuneage has been unearthed, and with the subsequent variations on the KBD formula that continue to come out, even more rarities spanning the globe are seeing the light of day, which brings me to this release. This is a collection of punk rarities from the non-XClaim/Modern Method Boston/CT scene of the 1970s/’80s. The styles are pretty well mixed up, with a few bands offering up some hardcore, some representing the traditional East Coast punk sound of the time, and others still opting to forge their own path, and all of them are good at what they do. Funny to see some o’ the bands on here ‘cause I wouldn’t have considered them “obscure,” but further consideration has made me come to the realization that only boring old scene barnacles like me, Don, and Al Quint would know anything about Cancerous Growth, Seizure or even 8th Route Army anymore. Fuck, suddenly I have this urge to buy a rocking chair. I may be old, but this shit still rocks.

 –jimmy (Dionysus)