VARIOUS ARTISTS: Seriously!, Volume 1: 7"

Jul 21, 2011

Holy crap, a regional comp that doesn’t blatantly suck. Now there’s a rarity. Seriously! features four Washington bands that all manage to deliver the goods. Snuggle sounds more aggro than I remember them (though I remember their earlier work tending to drag on a bit, and the song here follows suit). One Day’s song is ferocious and fuzzed-out and sounds like something that coulda been on a long lost EastBay comp like Benicia or Lest We Forget. No Hi Fives To Bullshit know the meaning of brevity and also sound strikingly like Crimpshrine, and Know Your Saints deliver a slower, simmering tune that showcases the fact that they’ve definitely learned their way around writing a song. Not a dud in the bunch, and everyone involved should be stoked. Nicely done.

 –keith (Abandon Hope)