Jun 23, 2009

All bow down and give Chris BCT his propers. Along with MRR’s Welcome to 1984 and Pushead’s Cleanse the Bacteria comps, his Bad Compilation (later Borderless Countries) tape compilations were responsible for making international hardcore supergroups like Mob 47, Raw Power, Kaaos and others friggin’ household names. As far as I can recollect, he was putting his tapes out before MRR and Pushead jumped on the bandwagon. This disc here is a vinyl version of BCT tape #16, an all Italian Hardcore showcase featuring Wardogs, I Refuse It, Statto di Polizia, Putrid Fever, Traumatic, Juggernaut and the legendary Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers. As can be expected, the sounds are wildly spastic, insanely varied and ridiculously crucial for anyone who takes their hardcore seriously. The sound has been cleaned up all nice and purty to facilitate even louder cranking of the stereo, and the CD version, which is slated for release later this year, is supposed to include the tracks that weren’t able to fit on this slab of wax. Includes artwork by Winston “Jello Biafra is a friend of mine” Smith, a booklet with pics, lyrics and info, limited run of 1,000, and highly recommended.

 –jimmy (Enterruption)