VARIOUS ARTISTS: Sea Creatures #1: 7”

Nov 24, 2009

Fear Of Lipstick: This is a cute song. Called “Did Ya Know?”, it’s a power pop, garage-y little bit of fun. Nice female backing vocals. And contrary to what one might think “Did Ya Know?” is about how lame someone is and how they’re ruining the scene. Nothing super original, but I like it! The Roman Line: The lyrics in this song, “Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease,” are kind of similar to the ones in Fear of Lipstick’s song. They, too, are apparently quite fed up with someone. There is a heavy bass line and the singing reminds me a bit of Paddy Costello from Dillinger Four. Very competent and probably fun live, but it didn’t totally excite me. Reagal Beagle: I somehow don’t like this band name, even though I know it’s the pub from Three’s Company. I’m just not into it! The very beginning of the song, called “Party Again,” reminded me a little of “Don’t Care” by the Circle Jerks, but, overall, it’s got a bit of a ‘50s sound to it and the singer seems distinctly Ramones-influenced. Again, not the most original thing to come down the pike, but it’s fun and great to dance to. Like it. The Neutron Bombs: Man, this band totally reminds me of an older British punk band, but I can’t think of who… It’s right on the tip of my tongue… I can’t stand that! It’s going to drive me crazy. Could it be Stiff Little Fingers (although Irish, not British)?  Maybe. Dang! I’ll remember sometime after I send this off, I am sure. Anyway, if you told me they were British (they’re not), I’d totally believe it after hearing the song, “Not Listening.” There’s a bit of an older punk sound, but I’d say it’s mostly the vocals (which also seem to be Ramones-influenced) that make me think of that. Pretty good. I would check out more.

 –Jennifer Federico (Merman)